Vickery Eckhoff sacked by Forbes after publication of wild horses, Cliven Bundy article

we need to write to these people to make our positions known

Tuesday's Horse


Once again, it appears that good journalism at has been sacrificed on the altar of corporate power.

Vickery Eckhoff. Google  image. Vickery Eckhoff. Google image.

Vickery Eckhoff, Forbes writer was fired after publication of Federal Grazing Program in Bundy Dispute Rips-Off Taxpayers, Wild Horses.

The straw that broke Forbes’ back was published Friday on the complexities of wild horse and burro management, and the related high cost to taxpayers of the federal grazing program.

The article follows a long, well researched and factual series by Vickery on that exposed the unregulated horse slaughter industry.

Please send the link to this article to your elected officials in Congress.

Find them here.

Link to send.

If you would like to contact Forbes, do so at

Photo Sources:
Featured image, wild horse stallion —
Vickery Eckhoff — Google image.

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