Sold in LARGE Amounts – but Cheap!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by “Grandma” Gregg

“BLM is flooding the adoption market with burros to get their 3-strikes against them as quickly as possible so they can be sold for $10 each in large amounts.”

IMG_1296Per Lili Thomas, National Wild Horse and Burro Program, Reno Nevada Office, Horses cannot be purchased from BLM long term holding facilities except in “large” amounts.

“…Horses can be sold from sanctuary [long term holding] … but it does not occur frequently, and it usually has to be at least 30 animals…” Amy Dumas Program Manager, Wild Horse and Burro Program, Bureau of Land Management

“…when there were inadequate numbers of sale animals available at short-term holding corral facilities, loads of 20 or more sale animals were indiscriminately removed from long-term holding pasture facilities.” Sally Spencer

BLM WH&B Marketing

Our wild horses and burros are sold by BLM for $10 each (and shipped at the public’s expense) if they…

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