Utah State Slaughter Veterinarian Resigns after Investigation

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: as published in Ogden, Utah’s HeraldExtra.com

“he padded his pockets with work on the side and engaged in other questionable practices.”

“Hmmm, Utah State Slaughter Inspector AND a illegal Vet at Central Utah Correctional Facility’s Wild Horse Ranch?  Looks like a perfect storm for ushering wild horses out the back gate for slaughter across the border, to me.  Perhaps that angle should be looked into by the authorities, also.  Remember, it was King who pushed for domestic horse slaughter in Utah, Click (HERE).  Once a crook, always a crook” ~ R.T.

(P.S. from Debbie – It seems Bruce King was the veterinarian at Gunnison prison when many wild stallions were dying from the gelding process.  This information was given to the National Academy of Science.)

Dr Bruce King OGDEN, — Utah’s chief state veterinarian and outspoken horse slaughter proponent Dr. Bruce King , has resigned after an investigation into a…

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