Tidy little boxes

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Earlier this week, an observer at Calgary airport sent us photos of pallets of horsemeat destined for Europe.

Horses slaughtered at the Bouvry Exports plant in Fort MacLeod the week of January 6th, have been packed into nice, tidy little boxes ready for gourmands in Europe.


Horses in pen at Bouvry


Kill box Bouvry Exports


Boxes Bouvry Exports

close up

Note that the boxes have an image of a horse in front of boxes.

Cargolux Cargo Airlines, based in Belgium, is frequently used by Bouvry Exports for shipping horsemeat to Europe.  On Sunday, January 12, 2014, a Cargolux flight arrived in Calgary to pick up a shipment of horsemeat going to Europe.

The screen shot below shows the Cargolux flight’s routing from Los Angeles to Calgary.

CLX LAX-YYC January 12-2014

The image below shows pallets of horsemeat on the ramp at Calgary.  In the background, the shed where live draft horses are “packed” for their final journey to Japan.  Please click here to see a…

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