Beware! Before You Donate To A Horse Rescue: Read this!

really need to be careful, do your research of any rescues before you commit yourself to help . be sure you know how these places are working with the horses and how dedicated the place is and there adoption record . check with the better buiss. office and be real sure to look at their successeful adoption rates are. and what services are provided . be sure also to keep yourself a receipt of what you donated. many are on the up and up. but there are some out there for profit. protect yourself and protect any and all horses that you do help.


Please read and share, this message must be heard!

With the onslaught of horse rescue organizations and places trying to adopt out horses on Facebook and the Internet, there are a few important facts that you need to know. Voices4Horses is dedicated to the humane and ethical treatment of the equine population. We aim to expose the rampant abuse and misinformation available and help you make educated decisions. There is a reason Voices4Horses does not list every rescue organization on Facebook or on the Internet on our website; it is because we cannot stand behind all of them or verify their business or rescue as being credible.

Not all rescues or organizations are on the up and up, several have been charged with animal cruelty, fraud and other abuses.  Some have accepted donations for…

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