WHE Challenges BLM

Wild Horse Education

Wild Horses of the Snowstorm HMA, part of the Owyhee Complex. where the roundup was cancelled after court documents were filed Wild Horses of the Snowstorm HMA, part of the Owyhee Complex. Snowstorm is an area where boundary lines are “sincerely corrupt.”

WHE Challenges the BLM

A “challenge” has been issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the form of a “Request for Applications” (RFA) to veterinarians, scientists, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and other researchers to develop new techniques and protocols for implementing population growth-suppression methods of wild horses.  The submission deadline for applications is May 7, 2014

The budget for fiscal year 2015 is $80.2 million for the wild horse and burro program. BLM plans to use the additional funds for “population control.”

Wild Horse Education will submit a challenge of it’s own to the agency.

“Wild horse and burro ‘management’ is an American disgrace,” stated Wild Horse Education President Laura Leigh “Instead of addressing the disease the BLM is simply looking for another band aide. It’s more than past…

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Not For The Faint of Heart

we need to pull the boots up . and get busy lots of should of’s to overcome . i watched the whole meeting meeting and they talked a good game and lots of we are addressing that as we speak . i guess his name, tim harvey, he out of all of them sounded with outrage of the percentage of cattle to horses . but that callie hendricks , what is her main funtion because she was more interested in what eats what on the stalk of grass >if she doesn’t know this why is she there. and i don’t trust the county people that showed up at the comment section either. i would wish that they had the heart of the horse as their most important ranking like they said , but they have talked out the side oftheir face before . personnally i don’t trust this guatamala transfer crap at all . if that can be scrapped i think it should . somebody with some horsesense needs to get on that board /with positions opened we might have a chance at getting things settled a little bit. i guess we’ll see.

Wild Horse Education

ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West.... on a range that had "voluntary" livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. ONE stallion on ONE range in the American West…. on a range that had “voluntary” livestock restrictions in place during the third year of drought. (Picture taken in May… and we have revisited him multiple times)

Letter from the Range, Laura Leigh, WHE President

This time of year we are particularly busy with ground work. What WHE does is a “bottom to top” approach that focuses on key factors in a site specific manner. This makes our ability to respond to emails etc rather limited for several months at a time. We are in one of those times. 

In a simplistic overview the majority of what we are doing is gathering comparative information over time to demonstrate the areas where inappropriate action, or no action, has created near crisis situations. You can view some of what has been loaded on the Range page. But on that page you can also…

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                   We are now seeing what beautiful people run our government and manage our public lands. The Horse killers of the 60’s that would rope the Wild Horse with a heavy tire attached . If that didn’t break the Horses neck or severely wound it or not . The Horse was then loaded on a truck with others that were gathered and shipped to slaughter. Much like the system the b.l.m. uses today . Only see they ( b.l.m.) use very sneaky and underhanded tactic’s today . Today they use contractors and sub contractors to do their dirty work . The b.l.m. in this story would have you believe the pretty Horses are shipped to very nice pastures with rolling hills ,lots of trees, and a sea of fine grasses . But what they don’t tell you is that as soon as your not looking or are not as observent . These people in today’s b.l.m. will trade those horses for cows and when you ask what happened to the Horses they will say but those are horses ,what are you talking about ? Then you take them to the fence by their hand and say “look out there, those are cows” . Then the b.l.m. ( THIS IS THE GOOD PART ) says ” oh, who did that , well how did that happen”? ” Well thats not my fault , I think so’ n’ so done it . DOES THIS SOUND FAMILAR ! For every Horse they have lost they have not account for none ,I SAY NONE OF THE HORSES . From that dickhead  “davis ” TO THEIR STUPID HELECOPTER THAT THEY PAY WITH TAXPAYER MMMMONEY ,  PER ROUND-UP 1MILLION DOLLARS  . But see every rancher that is save by giving the THE PUBLIC LANDS TO BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THE b.l.m. is a ranching interest , I found out awhile ago when that bundy ranch thing was going on that the chinese were interested in big cattle operations and area’s for solar farming ,so as the story goes dirty harry reid is really the one who is pulling the strings behind the DEPT. of INTERIOR / who appointed henry kornze ( or whatever) as the story goes . So in my mind it is harry reid killing off our PUBLIC LANDS / WILD HORSES / WILDLIFE . He is just using all the little minions at his control . And that little azz from okahoma that is holding up the BILL OF THE S.A.F.E. ACT because the state of his can’t slaughter Horses in his state cause the good people of our government saw fit to defund that part of the ag-bill , which I commend them for. But I fear with dirty harry pulling the strings . Our wild Horses will never be free cause our America as we know it is being sold off parcel by parcel to the highest bidder, forgein interests . The harm is being felt across this nation .By law our public lands should be our .the american taxpayers should be able to see wild America like it was not what is today ,we as with our Horses are living in a prison status where no opinion counts for anything . the governent today is the beast that swallowed all of yesterdays .  

Kansas beef industry losing business to foreign producers


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LAKIN, Kansas– There’s a shortage in cattle production in Kansas, and it’s in part because of the drought, and less farmland.

“We’ll fix it,” said Lakin Feed Yard owner Steven Landgraf.  “We’ll overproduce, the prices will come down, and we’ll work hard,”

Since the shortage, farmers have had to change the way they operate to become more efficient so they can get more cattle in the pins and more quality product on the shelf.  Farmers say they have to use hormones and antibiotics in the feed to fatten the cattle up faster, as they rebuild the herd.

“It’s still nutritious, it still tastes good,” Landgraf said.

However, companies like Chipotle, who insist on organic meat, don’t see it that way.

So what could it mean for the Kansas beef industry if chains like Chipotle take their business elsewhere?

It turns out it may be worse for the…

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Who is the contractor for BLM’s Scott City, KS “Emergency Short Term Holding facility?”

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Debbie Coffey, V.P., Wild Horse Freedom Federation                 Copyright 2014                    All Rights Reserved.

12LTH1_26_of_161_ (1)

Mares look at the public on a BLM tour of Long Term Holding pastures in Kansas. (photo by Carol Walker)

75 wild mares died in a very short amount of time at BLM’s emergency short term holding facility in Scott City, Kansas.

The BLM awarded the contract for an emergency short term holding facility to Phil Jennings, who has the contract for the BLM’s Pauls Valley facility in Oklahoma.  Jennings has had contracts with BLM since 2005 for Pauls Valley, and the obligation amounts seemed to be mostly in about the $100,000 to $300,000 range.

The BLM Scott City, KS emergency short term holding facility contract was signed 6/4/2014, and the obligation amount is $2,030,000. Yep, that’s a jump to…

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More wild horses die at BLM’s Scott City, Kansas facility

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  Garden City News

Wild horses deaths now up to 75, corral managers deny wrongdoing

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Dorian Ayache, Slaughter-horse hauler, enters plea

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE: wsmv.com

Slaughter-horse hauler enters plea

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) –A plea deal is in the works for a slaughter-horse hauler that could include no prison time and a fine of less than $25,000.Dorian Ayache is the owner of  Three Angels Farm in Lebanon, a trucking company whose rickety trailers wrecked on the interstate twice in 2012, endangering drivers and causing several injured horses to be euthanized.Ayache was facing 26 years in prison for violating a U.S. Department of Transportation order to shut down after inspectors found numerous safety violations.Tuesday, Ayache entered a guilty plea in federal court. If it’s accepted, all the charges against him will be dropped except one: failing to maintain a current driver’s log.The maximum fine he faces is $25,000.Ayache would serve six months in prison at most, but he could end up serving no time at all.

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Advocates Will Speak Out for Wild Horses at Press Conference during BLM National Advisory Board Meeting

blm may god have a hand in your devastating plans .

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“Adobe Town, Salt Wells and Great Divide Basin are home to the largest free-roaming wild horse herds left in Wyoming,” states Carol Walker, director of field documentation and board member of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Walker has a bond with the Wyoming herds she has been photographing for the past 10 years. “To lose the wild horses in this vast landscape, known by local residents as the ‘Big Empty,’ would be to lose touch with our western history, heritage and the untamed spirit of the West.”

For immediate release:

Advocates Will Speak Out for Wild Horses at Press Conference during BLM National Advisory Board Meeting

Proposed roundups would rob American public of their rightful legacy.              

Simone Netherlands, Ginger Kathrens and R.T. Fitch speak to Utah Press Corp. at BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting in 2012~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Simone Netherlands, Ginger Kathrens and R.T. Fitch speak to Utah Press Corp. at BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting in 2012~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation


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Doublespeak from Canadian Food Inspection Agency on allowing slaughterhouses to shoot horses

debbie you have my e-mail

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

This story is from our friends working across the Canadian border, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC).  While the Canadian Food Inspection Agency claims to “discourage” firearms use in horse slaughter, it ALLOWS it.

When the first shot fails to render the horse unconscious, there is too long a span before the next shot is fired.  I never witnessed anyone checking to ensure the horse was unconscious before being dumped out of the kill-box, which may lead to the horse being shackled, hung, and bled while still conscious.”  – Mary Richardson, DVM

SOURCE:  Canadian Horse Defence Coalition blog

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) discourages use of firearms in horse slaughter but allows plants to use them

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