Hot August Nights No Fun for Some

Hippies for Horses

After recently looking at all the horses and burros available for adoption in the short-term holding pens via the BLM Internet Adoption auction, many of them have suffered more that two freezing winters without out shelter from the wind in winter or two sweltering hot summers without shade, with nothing to do as well. Even though the wild horses and burros are supposed to be protected by BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, so far all we’ve seen is BLM WH&B program jump through hoops for the cattle ranchers and ignores every request or offer of help by the public to construct some shelter for the horses from the sun and wind, built in the corrals, free of charge. Sure would be appreciated if HSUS would speak up about the lack of  a CAWP.   ~admin

Hot August Nights No Fun for Some by Monika Courtney

The public’s appreciation for wild horses is strong. So…

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4 thoughts on “Hot August Nights No Fun for Some

  1. An agency, aligned with profit driven agendas, using any and all twists in hopes to alleviate national outrage on their current highly flawed methods. Horses suffer, period. Horses are not treated with the respect and care that would reflect the ironic non-existent “reform and transparency” of those who shout it coming. The American public needs to continue to demand reform, as the silence of new Secretary Jewell deems instructive of the shepherding that exists deep within, while BLM wants the public to believe they care. I am awaiting more action for horses in holding as the current facilities reflect the dire minimalist attitude dooming over any aspect of the program that is not in the interest of the very animals involved. Americans must continue to call in a chorus for reform, to see betterment against the sinister establishment inflicting this irreparable destruction while alternatives such as Reserve Design and proposals for self-stabilizing, sustainable solutions in the wild are on the table. Ridiculous shade trials are taking place while horses swelter in brutal heat – logic and common sense Is refuted with costly delaying tactics to possibly announce a “non-utilization” of shade to further deny the horses a humane, innovative environment. Shameful and utterly non-modern, cruel standards bought out with “experts” made of the same rogue cloth.

    • thank-you so much for your support monika i have a petition on care2 ” we have to save the last of america’s wild horses and our public lands” i’m hoping that i can get the signatures before ms. carol walker goes to court with the lawsuit that she start in wyoming . i sure share your feeling. i pray we can make a difference . please send people to that petition so she can carry this document into court with her. you would not believe the people aound the world support us in our fight . failure is not an option . thank-you for coming here .

      • i will post it again , if i am not able please go to CARE2 PETIONS and under animal welfare : SAVE THE LAST OF AMERICA’S WILD HORSES AND PUBLIC LANDS . If i may ask you a favor and pass this petition around please , i will be ever be grateful to you .

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