Sheldon Update

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I will miss you.... I will miss you….

FROM THE ROAD: Today is the fourth day of operations at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge’s “final” removal of mustangs from the Refuge (Sheldon is not BLM, but managed by USFWS). About 430 mustangs are left in the refuge. As of today about 200 have been removed. An exact count is not available.

personal note: In the last six days I have gotten just over 20 hours of sleep. I need to write an expanded piece on the history and controversy of Sheldon. I know this website is being watched closely (by several people) for the piece. (I had surgery on July 11 for complications from breast cancer and am doing the best I can).  I will get all statements out.

Sheldon has been a heated issue for a long time. Many ongoing disputes about the historic issues at Sheldon, coupled with this final removal, have…

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