The Mustang Conspiracy: BLM, BP, Big Cattle Murder Wild Horses.

i think we are late in opening our minds now i fear we are too late . to save them .

What’s All This, Then?

What follows below my rant here is excerpted from This is fact and has been ongoing for decades.

Mustangs. (this is a BLM photo, just before they carted them off to private land to die.)Join site owner Mark Allin (Springer) and renowned journalist George Knapp as they flesh out some of the most disgusting examples of inhuman corruption I’ve ever seen.

The images you’ll see in the videos of the so-called US Government “stewardship” of these beautiful animals will make you queasy.

They are trying to rid America of wild horses, Mustangs, one of the preeminent icons and foundations of our entire culture as Americans. Not to mention that they evolved right where they are. You will be appalled.

They are doing it for Big Cattle. They are doing it for Big Oil.

Please, please, please follow the links. I cannot post ATS videos on this site. If you can please help stop this heinous genocide.

Mustangs ARE NOT, as one government ass…

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