On Wild Horses, the Secretary of the Interior Needs to Listen to the Scientists – Andrew Cohen – The Atlantic

Hippies for Horses

The third band harrassed by the chopper continuously at the trap site! The third band harassed by the chopper continuously while at the Newark Valley trap site! BLM Roundup Triple B HMA, ©2011 Afroditi Katsikis

Considering Sally Jewel’s recent statements about the BLM wild horse and burro issues, it certainly looks like Sally Jewel has not read the NAS report’s criticisms of BLM’s lack of appropriate management. Andrew Cohen asks a very good question:

“Secretary Jewell seems to be willfully ignoring a report by the National Academy of Sciences. Why?”

Nearly seven months into her tenure as Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell last Thursday at last made her first extended public comments about one of the most controversial and under-reported aspects of her portfolio as steward of the nation’s public lands. Speaking at the National Press Club, she addressed in detail a question about the nation’s beleaguered wild…

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Pictorial: Day 12 Wild Horse Checkerboard Roundup ~ Lost Freedoms, Families and Futures

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Eye Witness Observations by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Today was a very tough day for me for a number of reasons. But no matter how tough it was for me, I always keep in mind, it is a thousand times tougher for these horses who lose everything dear to them, their families, their homes and their freedom all at once.”

Waiting to head out to the next observation point for the Checkerboard Roundup. It is a little later in the morning. I will be posting updates if I have cell service out there.

We have been waiting for almost 2 hours at the Point of Rocks exit for the Cattoors to come and set up the next trap site. Now we moved to Bitter Creek Road and the helicopters are looking for a trap site for the last few horses in the…

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Not Over My Wild Horses: Grass March

i put a nice letter to them lets flood congress ith how we actually feel , i did . a nice letter

Wild Horse Education

GrassMrch1 WHE’s response to Grant Gerber, organizer of the grass march.

On September 26 the “Grass March” pony express is set to leave California with the intent of delivering a petition to Congress. This “march” was begun by Grant Gerber (county commission) in support of his ranching buddies as they faced livestock restrictions due to drought (we wrote about it back in March, “Deranged War, Or the God Complex of public land ranchers)

Points of the petition:

  • Empower states to remove abusive federal employees (note: they mean those with the audacity to protect public land from abusive practices or anyone they don’t like)
  • Remove sage grouse from consideration as an endangered species (note: because that could restrict them from using your public range as their private property)
  • Reinstate all roads closed by U.S. Forest Service
  • Remove excess wild horses from the rangelands (note: wild horses are only allowed…

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Deranged War (Or the “God Complex” of public land ranchers)

add the way you feel to congress ,i’m mad

Wild Horse Education

Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B, where there is intense public land grazing in counties where ranchers hold the government reins.

UPDATE 7/22/2014:

Since this article was first written a number of things have occurred. Trespass livestock has been noted on the range. In one instance trespass cattle in an HMA (where no use is regularly permitted in summer and in areas no livestock should be at all) have been found. The claims of “degradation” due to wild horse use are increasing as instances of undocumented domestic livestock go unaddressed.

Those behind the Nevada Association of Counties legal actions against wild horses have increased their assertions through propaganda that misrepresents the truth. The legal action has now been joined by Nevada Bighorns Unlimited (a hunters group) and Crawford Cattle Company (Crawford entered into an agreement with Inception mining in 2013 for 16,000 net acres…

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Wild West Welfare

my thoughts have been on this for awhile now, the b.l.m. like any other buiss. is following orders . and these orders have come from higher up the food chain ,i do believe. so my thoughts are this is all dirty harry reid’s doing and the senate . as for the b.l.m. the contracting and the deaths of our natioal icons lies totally on their hands , terror and the blood they have caused is inexcusable . the time for accountable is well past and the golden calf was buried along time ago . but as anyone can the varibles suggest that they have founded it again. as in that episode one can come out on top but way to many were affected . may god help us .

Exposing the Big Game



“The western cattle industry has been riding the backs of taxpayers for nearly seventy years”

–T.H. Watkins, 2002

Few have profited more or longer off of American taxpayers than livestock operators who graze the public lands of the American West. Tens of thousands of square miles there have, for more than three quarters of a century, been managed essentially as grazing estates for a small minority of “permittees” – individuals or corporations holding federal grazing permits.

The scheme dates back to the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM, known at the time as the Grazing Service) placed millions of acres into “grazing allotments”. Over ensuing generations politics influenced regulations, so that permittees pay a trivial fraction of market demand. Laws typically mandate that allotments be grazed, so that if someone were to acquire a permit with the idea of…

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America’s Wild Horses: A Living Legend in Peril


Hippies for Horses

Wild Horses on the Range Wild Horses on the Range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This photo is of a genetically bay horse, showing the faint dorsal counterstriping that is common on some bays. This horse is NOT a dun and this dorsal stripe does not reflect the presence of the dun gene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Watch and listen carefully as the video posses excellent arguments about the markings on some of the wild horses and debunks the myth that all the wild horses are descendants of the Spanish horses set free in North America.

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BLM Wild Horse and Burro Myths and Facts are Twisted

and if you believe the facts of this story , I have 20,000 acres to sell in the florida keys for well fertilized farm land — will sell CHEAP !!! HAHAHA . THE BLM WILL TRY TO SELL YA THEIR UPSTANDING GOOD CITIZENSHIP NOW ,WON’T THEY. DAMN BASTARDS…..

Hippies for Horses

Horses crossing a plain near the Simpson Park ... Horses crossing a plain near the Simpson Park Wilderness Study Area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the lawsuit by the Rock Springs Grazing Assn against the BLM WH&B program – BLM caved in and agreed with the plaintiff more or less. However, it was the BLM WH&B staff that recommended the Rock Springs grazing association file a lawsuit against the BLM. That lawsuit has got to be the shortest lawsuit in which the BLM was named plaintiff. The lawsuits they aggressively litigate,  go on for years and are the ones that wild horse advocates have filed.

The BLM WH&B program has never followed the science, has never asked for or accepted help by those people who really care and know about wild horses and they have loaded their advisory board with ranchers and pro-slaughter folks and not with people who do NOT have affiliation with cattle ranchers or horse slaughter.


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FoA’s Civil Disobedience Action for Wild Horses

truth is truth

Exposing the Big Game

Wild Horse Photo Copyright Jim Robertson Wild Horse Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Monday, Sept 22, 10:30 a.m. Rock Springs, Wyoming-Press Advised to Call for Embargoed Details

In Wyoming 179 wild horses have been ripped from their families and rounded up this week-three have died as a result – due to the Bureau of Land Management’s criminal reign of terror, and hundreds more are set to be brutally removed off the land and imprisoned in barren holding facilities where many are then “adopted” and end up in slaughterhouses. Friends of Animals has had enough of the agency stealing horses from public lands and will organize a protest/civil disobedience action 10:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 22, in Rock Springs at a location to be disclosed to media upon request.

Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals’ Campaign Director says, “We refuse to allow the BLM to operate without disruption while these sadistic roundups are occurring, so we’re showing up at a…

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Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup Day 3

Straight from the Horse's Heart

On-Site observations by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It is a short day for the Checkerboard roundup as the helicopters do the final sweeps to make sure they got every last horse in this area…”

14Roundup3 (7 of 61)-Edit

14Roundup3 (8 of 61)-EditHere I am again in the Rock Springs BLM parking lot before dawn waiting to head out to the trap. This is Day 3 of the Checkerboard Roundup in Wyoming. I was told last night they only have a few horses left to capture at this site, and I may or may not see anything given we cannot see the trap or the approach to it at this site.

This is in Great Divide Basin. I am hoping that group of beautiful bachelors that eluded capture yesterday are headed far far north outside the Checkerboard.

14Roundup3 (24 of 61)-EditI have been at the observation site for an hour. I…

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Animal advocates Sue Bureau of Land Management

i guess the media other then local has decided this is not news worthy . It needs to be pulicized far and wide for the attention of the public to be invovled with what is happening to our public lands . all the people know is what is told to them by way of the idiot box because they won’t look it up on the computer unless they are told about it so please send to friends and families so they will know.I want to thank-you for caring .

Tuesday's Horse


Roundups of Wild Horses on Public Lands Stir Controversy, Feature in Documentary Exposé


WASHINGTON, D.C. — A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit was filed this month against the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for withholding public records from filmmaker James Kleinert.

The BLM has been investigating Kleinert and his film company, presumably in retaliation for making documentary films Wild Horses & Renegades, Saving the American Wild Horse, and Wild Horse Spirit, which expose the BLM’s cruel roundups of wild horses on public land and allege corruption within the Department of the Interior. “Roundups” involve herding horses into corrals using helicopters and separating them from their families.

The national non-profit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has reason to believe that wild horses corralled by the BLM end up for sale for slaughter in Mexico and Canada. The federal lawsuit was filed September 3, 2014 in the…

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