Letter to an Editor: ‘Abducting’ Wild Horses Diminishes Way of Life

this person said it with truth , that is how i feel about all the round-ups .
i’m so happy they are safe

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Rio Rancho Observer staff as published in the Albuquerque Journal

“This wild equine advocate puts our collective thoughts and feelings into words like no other.” ~ R.T.


I would like to express my feelings about the abduction of many, and now I say most all, of a very unique herd of wild horses, the Placitas horses.

"Expectant" by David CramerExpectant” by David Cramer

Yes, they are indeed wild horses that live in family units. Ten years ago when I celebrated my 70th birthday, a friend invited me to his home where I saw a band of wild horses for the first time in Placitas.

The lead mare led the family across the way, followed by the stallion protector. These horses have, for years, provided a “way of life” for most Placitas residents and for other people like me who love to see horses living free like the horses that…

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