Many major zoos feed animals horse meat; not unique to Albuquerque

visous circle .do they not read up on things before they act. now that big cats are dying across america what do they think these drugs do to people . and a thought on the herd . are they approved to contract horses at the wolf sancutary . because if they are they can be turn in right ?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By: Ryan Luby, KOB Eyewitness News 4

“You know, if something works, why change it?”

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ALBUQUERQUE — After first reporting yesterday that the Albuquerque BioPark will receive 38,000 pounds of horse meat to feed its animals, KOB looked into other zoos across the country to see what they were feeding their animals.

Only six of the eleven zoos KOB contacted across the country responded, and results were mixed.

The San Diego Zoo said they do use horse meet, but said they only recently started using a little bit last year. The zoo said some of their animals stopped responding to all-beef diets, which is why they switched to horse meat for some animals.

The Houston Zoo said they also used horse meet, and noted it was the “most nutritious” meat available to them.

The Denver Zoo said they used horse meat as well, along…

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