A biologist’s response to the BLM’s wild horse “problem”

everyone needs to care

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Below is biologist Robert C. Bauer’s response to the recent Washington Post article on the BLM’s request for solutions for management of the wild horses & burros (the BLM hasn’t been able to get it right after 42 years).  This article is a MUST READ for all advocates! – Debbie Coffey

SOURCE:  Habitat for Horses

By Robert C. Bauer

In a recent article that was published in the Washington Post, under Health and Science, entitled “U.S. looking for ideas to help manage wild-horse overpopulation”, a plea was sent out by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a plea that requested ideas as to how to manage the wild horse and burro population in the wild.  This plea was reinforced by claims that the wild horse and burro population, on the western rangelands, was approximately 40,605 wild horses and or burros.  Additionally it was stated that there would be at least a 15% to…

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