Wild West Welfare

my thoughts have been on this for awhile now, the b.l.m. like any other buiss. is following orders . and these orders have come from higher up the food chain ,i do believe. so my thoughts are this is all dirty harry reid’s doing and the senate . as for the b.l.m. the contracting and the deaths of our natioal icons lies totally on their hands , terror and the blood they have caused is inexcusable . the time for accountable is well past and the golden calf was buried along time ago . but as anyone can the varibles suggest that they have founded it again. as in that episode one can come out on top but way to many were affected . may god help us .

Exposing the Big Game



“The western cattle industry has been riding the backs of taxpayers for nearly seventy years”

–T.H. Watkins, 2002

Few have profited more or longer off of American taxpayers than livestock operators who graze the public lands of the American West. Tens of thousands of square miles there have, for more than three quarters of a century, been managed essentially as grazing estates for a small minority of “permittees” – individuals or corporations holding federal grazing permits.

The scheme dates back to the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM, known at the time as the Grazing Service) placed millions of acres into “grazing allotments”. Over ensuing generations politics influenced regulations, so that permittees pay a trivial fraction of market demand. Laws typically mandate that allotments be grazed, so that if someone were to acquire a permit with the idea of…

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