Not Over My Wild Horses: Grass March

i put a nice letter to them lets flood congress ith how we actually feel , i did . a nice letter

Wild Horse Education

GrassMrch1 WHE’s response to Grant Gerber, organizer of the grass march.

On September 26 the “Grass March” pony express is set to leave California with the intent of delivering a petition to Congress. This “march” was begun by Grant Gerber (county commission) in support of his ranching buddies as they faced livestock restrictions due to drought (we wrote about it back in March, “Deranged War, Or the God Complex of public land ranchers)

Points of the petition:

  • Empower states to remove abusive federal employees (note: they mean those with the audacity to protect public land from abusive practices or anyone they don’t like)
  • Remove sage grouse from consideration as an endangered species (note: because that could restrict them from using your public range as their private property)
  • Reinstate all roads closed by U.S. Forest Service
  • Remove excess wild horses from the rangelands (note: wild horses are only allowed…

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