On Wild Horses, the Secretary of the Interior Needs to Listen to the Scientists – Andrew Cohen – The Atlantic

Hippies for Horses

The third band harrassed by the chopper continuously at the trap site! The third band harassed by the chopper continuously while at the Newark Valley trap site! BLM Roundup Triple B HMA, ©2011 Afroditi Katsikis

Considering Sally Jewel’s recent statements about the BLM wild horse and burro issues, it certainly looks like Sally Jewel has not read the NAS report’s criticisms of BLM’s lack of appropriate management. Andrew Cohen asks a very good question:

“Secretary Jewell seems to be willfully ignoring a report by the National Academy of Sciences. Why?”

Nearly seven months into her tenure as Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell last Thursday at last made her first extended public comments about one of the most controversial and under-reported aspects of her portfolio as steward of the nation’s public lands. Speaking at the National Press Club, she addressed in detail a question about the nation’s beleaguered wild…

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