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Global Food Companies Are Dumping Animal Cruelty

Consumers today are increasingly demanding food that does not originate from animals that have experienced cruelty. An American Farm Bureau poll found 95 percent of consumers say they want farm animals to be treated well, but the reality is most animals raised for food today grow up inside crowded factories, not farms, and most are victims of inhumane agricultural practices.

But dietary concepts that adhere to higher animal welfare standards, like the Three Rs (“reducing” or “replacing” consumption of animal products, while “refining” our diets by switching to products from humane sources) are here to stay. And in response to those concerns, dozens of top food companies are putting policies in place that address animal cruelty — several emerging this summer.

In August, Nestlé announced an industry-leading animal welfare program that will eliminate several controversial, yet currently standard, practices within its global supply…

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