Lion: The Stallion that Made a Difference in My Life

and the coruptions continue . where is our help now people we need to get mad our points are not getting heard . do you all know i have even written and e-mailed john boehner rep. head speaker about the round-ups and the safe act and how much that would mean for the advocates and the u.s. populas that don’t want our mustangs murdered. that has to stop ,

Hippies for Horses

Lion: The Dun Stallion Triple B HMA roundup August 2011 ©2011 afroditi katsikisLion: The Dun Stallion
Triple B HMA roundup August 24, 2011 ©2011 afroditi katsikis

We named this stallion Lion. He was rounded up during the Triple B 2011 roundup. This photo was taken Aug 24, 2011 at the temp holding pens. This was the first day that I went to a roundup and the first time I was at a holding pen.

He captured my attention right away at the holding pen because of all the commotion he made in the stallion pen. I’m not sure when he was captured. This day I was an observer in Newark Valley and I reviewed all my 900 images I took that day and could not identify him in them so it’s not likely he came from Newark Valley.

While walking around the holding pens, trying to get good photos to share, there was a moment when he was staring at me. I…

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