Buyer of Wild Horses Under Investigation by State, Feds

this man needs to the front runner of what will happen if you sell these wild horses for slaughter . the charges against him need to be stiff enough that it send a message far and wide . better records need to be kept by this rogue agency, too. the in vestigation times also needs to be worked on and taken more seriously by all parties invovled 5 years to be to the attention of ,is a very long time . did they really think it would be dropped ? what is wrong with people !

Hippies for Horses

by Dave Philipps, Special to ProPublica , Nov. 11, 2012, 10 a.m.

 This story was co-published with the Colorado Springs Gazette.

A southern Colorado man under investigation for his handling of protected wild horses has admitted to state regulators that he shipped animals out of Colorado in violation of brand inspection laws, officials said.

Officials with the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Brand Inspection Division have turned the case involving Tom Davis over to the district attorney in Alamosa for prosecution.

“The brand laws are some of the oldest laws in the state. They are there to prevent livestock theft and we take them very seriously,” Brand Commissioner Chris Whitney said.

Davis, 64, a livestock hauler and proponent of the horse meat industry who lives…

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