Wild Horse Herd Roundup: Psychopathic Behavior and Abuse of Horses Out of Control

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Photojournalist - Journalist


Wild Horse Heard Advocates watched in horror as Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Contractors, and BLM employees, kill a pregnant Mustang. It was quite obvious she was with foal, and worse, ready to give birth.

“We will not forget Jewel, the wild pregnant mare the BLM killed. She was run down with their helicopters. Then without remorse or even the slightest whim of sanity, or empathy, they shot her. This is where your tax dollars go, killing our wild horses. This so cattle can graze on OUR PUBLIC LAND free or at low cost,” stated a Wild Horse Advocate.

The Facts: these unscrupulous individuals’ with no ethical means of approach to Wild Horse Herd Management, chase down with helicopter an innocent and pregnant Mustang Mare. Yes, they run her down. They threatened her at every step. The slanted blades of their helicopter tipped forward in the chase — nothing more…

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