Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanks giving all

Straight from the Horse's Heart

From the volunteer Board of Directors at Wild Horse Freedom Federation we would like to wish the very best to you and your family and friends; it is our most sincere hope that each and everyone of you have a veritable cornucopia of things to be thankful for…but we do ask one thing this day; don’t forget to give thanks for all of the other passengers aboard this planet earth, particularly our equine companions who give so very much more than they ever receive in return.  Be thankful that we know the horses, donkeys, mules and burros as the world would be so very empty without the majesty and beauty provided to us by our four legged, hooved friends.  Have a great, robust and bountiful day.  Happy Thanksgiving!”  ~ R.T.

“Wild horses protect the plains. Their digestive tract can’t break down seeds, so when they eat plants and then continue…

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Captured mustangs victims of animal cruelty

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  thereddingpilot.com       by Adam Tarchoun

Lind-Larsen will go to trial for animal cruelty charges


After three pretrials and months of delay, Redding resident Lisa Lind-Larsen, 75, will be going to trial to face two charges of animal cruelty after a judge declined her appeal for rehabilitation.

In July, Ms. Lind-Larsen’s mustang horses, Chinook and Cheyenne, were seized after the Department of Agriculture’s animal control division became aware of the animals’ malnourished state.  The horses were shown to have been locked in unsanitary stalls for long periods with insufficient food and contaminated water.

Ms. Lind-Larsen’s appearance in court was preceded by last month’s pretrial closing on an appeal for accelerated rehabilitation, a program offered by some state criminal systems to give offending parties a “second chance” and avoid criminal charges.  Ms. Lind-Larsen did not plead guilty nor was she convicted of any charges. The accelerated rehabilitation…

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Second Call for Nominations for BLM Wild Horse and Burro Special Interest Advisory Board

i hope they start changing up how things are going right now

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Forward by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder Wild Horse Freedom Federation
Press Release – BLM.gov

“Well it appears that the BLM and Department of Interior just did not get enough horse slaughter, hunting and cattle proponents nominated to their horse hating advisory board so they are going out for a second round hoping for more horse eaters and sterilizers to come forward.  Last year, when they turned their back on Ginger Kathrens’ nomination, by a congressman no less, for the advocate position I lost all faith in anyone being able to make a difference on this board of wild horse and burro haters.  Several current members publicly and in print promote horse slaughter while others want to sterilize mares IN THE FIELD. 

The only ray of sunshine in this entire mess is that the BLM makes up their own rules as they go so they don’t even listen to the advice…

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How do Horses Show Affection?

happy thoughts today and give a little prayer for sheila to day , marjorie’s dog got hit by a car yesterday .

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Original Essay by Franklin Levinson

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and there is nothing that warms the soul more than talking about a little ‘horse huggin’.  Keep the faith, my friends.” ~ R.T.

Pele, Harley and R.T. Horses are extremely affectionate. If you get a chance to see them in the wild they are mutually grooming each other, scratching each other, leaning gently into each other, sharing breath with each other (a very intimate activity done by putting their noses together and sharing the air). These are all manifestations of affection. Mares and their foals are always nuzzling each other and the babies are always rubbing up against their moms. Sometimes they hang their heads over each other’s necks and gently hug with their necks. When a horse gently brings his head even slightly in your direction, it is affection and acknowledgement (unless you are holding a treat in your hand or pocket, then it…

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Slaughter-horse hauler’s sentencing delayed

Straight from the Horse's Heart


Reported by Nancy Amons


A man who made his living shipping horses to slaughter in Mexico was in court Friday, but his punishment was delayed because of a hidden infusion of money.

This would have been the final chapter in the saga of Dorian Ayache, but there was a snag in his sentencing.

Ayache did not want to talk about his criminal case Friday, and he won’t learn his fate until January.

Ayache was the slaughter-horse hauler whose trucks overturned twice on the interstate, killing several horses.

Federal regulators cited Ayache for a long list of safety violations and for continuing to haul horses under a new company name, even after he’d been shut down by the government.

It turned out that most of the charges against Ayache couldn’t be criminally prosecuted. The case against him was falling apart.

Ayache appeared to be facing very little jail time…

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Triple B, Report From A Friend

thank-you for all you do. they should be free but i’m hoping for less of these confound round-ups.

Wild Horse Education

Triple B, 2014 Triple B, 2014

Wild Horse Education (WHE) was at the Sheldon, Reveille and the Silver King government wild horse removals. Scheduling delays pushed Triple B back until after Reveille. We are attending meetings and other business and did not attend Triple B, but made multiple efforts to improve the understanding of the type of access observers are seeking.

A friend of WHE’s, Jeanne Nations of the NE Nevada Resource Advisory Council (RAC), attended Triple B and sent us the following note to share:

“Well I can not really say anything bad about this roundup up, other than I don’t agree with reasons for doing it, but aside from that it was very respectful and professional from both sides and we could actually see what was going on. Which did give me peace of mind to see that the horses were not injured coming in to the trap site, no foals…

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NV Wild Horse Rescued from Sticky Situation

i enjoy happy stories like this ,i wish and hope we can start to have more . they deserve a happy life ,free of intrusion and drug free.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Reno’s News 4

SPARKS, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — One wild horse found herself in a sticky – and smelly – situation on Tuesday.

According to Lyon County officials, wild horse advocates and the Lyon County Technical Large Animal Response Team responded Tuesday afternoon to a Virginia Range wild mare that found her way into the Truckee Meadows Waste Water Treatment Plant on Cleanwater Drive in Sparks.

The mare was found by facility personnel stranded in a waste watersettling pond, which contains waste solids. She was apparently in the water for about four hours.

Two of the volunteers trained in both HazMat and large animal rescue were ready to don HazMat suits and go in the gooey material to secure the animal for extrication, when she gave a mighty try and managed to get her front hooves on solid ground. The volunteers were relieved to see…

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Robert Redford: Protect our Wild Horses & Burros

was anybody else looking for any of the reporters to ask obozo “who got the shellackin’ now” but i don’t think you could have mustered up even one set of balls in that whole room today to ask that one . hehehe just askiin;

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Open Letter from Robert Redford as published in USA Today

Wild horse populations vary between 32,000 and 50,000 while livestock grazing allocations accommodate numbers in the millions. Yes, in the millions.

The Horse WhispererHorses and I have had a shared existence, personal and professional, for as long as I can remember. And while I carry a strong passion for all horses, my tenacious support for the preservation of habitat for wildlife and the American mustangs derives from their symbolic representation of our national heritage and freedom.

Any infringement on their legally protected right to live freely is an assault on America’s principles. The varied and subjective interpretation of laws intended to protect these animals on our public lands, continues to leave wild horses under attack.

Recent “stand-offs” between ranchers and the federal government are reminiscent of old westerns. But this American tragedy does not have a hero riding in to save the…

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lots of sane advise but to bad the blm just wanted to destroy something very good for america.

Photojournalist - Journalist


“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
― Plato, The Republic

We have several situations ongoing between those who disfavor PZP, and those who favor PZP, within Horse Advocacy and sound Ecological Practices. So let’s start with an often quoted situation – From the East Coast and Assateague. This brought to light after perusing those scientists involved in the also often quoted NRC paper from the National Academy of Science, or as many legitimate research scientists phrase it — AKA Bogus Science and Profiteering Stampeding Their Way into Wild Horse Country!

What we are finding is the scientists involved, most of them, academic and from CPSU units within a college environment, directly attached to government grants on a consistent basis, and most at colleges that cater to ranching and Big AG agriculture support dynamics, did have conflict of interest motives –…

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Another Helicopter Wild Horse Stampede of Death Coming to a Desert Near YOU!

i will tell you what i think about this every living being has to breathe air , every living being has a heart that pumps the red blood through our veins , what humans does to the world around them ,the smugness – the arrogance that these persons still force upon the masses and they enjoy watching them cry and the pain inflicked ,oh the joy those in this office feel when they know we feel the pain and the sadness we feel for our wild brothers and sisters and the dispair we feel for them because we can’t do anything to help them -to ease their pain . we have not quit brothers ,we are still fight for you and freedom ,as with you it is a very long road that we will travel for you our friends , i’m reposting this rt and westdeltagirl cause it should not be fotgotten and will not.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The BLM Blood Lust for the Wild American Horse

Remember the recent Calico round-up?

1.)     Incorrect Numbers

2.)    Warnings issued that horses would die

3.)    Notorious Helicopter Contractor in charge

4.)    Young horses run until their feet fell off

5.)    Healthy horses killed in the field

6.)    Gates closed so inappropriate gelding and sterilization experiments could be conducted

7.)    Animal cruelty charges filed

8.)    150 horses dead and still counting

9.)    No verification that any number of horses are left on the range

10.)   No accountability

Well warm up the BBQ pit and break out the beer because the ole BLM is about to fire off a rerun of the death and destruction and hundreds of native wild horses are now doomed.  Gotta love that BLM, they just issued a statement

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