Pushing Premarin: Big Pharma, Big Bucks — Part 1

here in the last three to four monthes wfaa channel 8 tried putting this ad on atthe one to two o clock hour which if i must admit is general hospital i saw the ad so i went to the general hospital web site and told them that the ad was there . and since have seen no other ads. but then the same channel wfaa ch. 8 ran said ad at 2: 00 am . so i went to the channel 8 web page and i told them how the drug was made , put in the note to them how many horses suffered to create this drug and they were also concected to the horse slaughter industry and was very descriptive about all of it . nd to this day have never seen another ad on this channnel and i will remain ever vigilant to any channel running this ad i hope everyone seeing this will do the same . with a very descript opossion they will take the ads down but do encourage them to look it up online for the proof they need just tell them to look up premarin ranches !!!! thank-you

Tuesday's Horse


Image: PremarinVaginalCream.com Don’t be fooled by the pretty flower. This drug is produced using pregnant mare’s urine. They removed the “equine” from “conjugated estrogens” long ago. Not good for marketing. Image: PremarinVaginalCream.com

It seems lately that everywhere you look there are ads for Premarin, Premarin Cream and the new kid on the block Duavee*, also derived from Pregnant Mare’s Urine.

These sinister advertisements have been materializing repeatedly in numerous US magazines and more recently as a TV ad on iSpot.tv (http://www.ispot.tv/brands/onI/premarin).

Pfizer seems intent on peddling these ghastly drugs and are busy infiltrating various media sources in an attempt to retain and grow a solid market share for these HRT therapies regardless of the inherent and proven risks they pose to menopausal women. This is by no means a mystery or surprise.

To start, Pfizer had a lackluster first quarter this fiscal year – a trend of enduring profit…

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