Another Helicopter Wild Horse Stampede of Death Coming to a Desert Near YOU!

i will tell you what i think about this every living being has to breathe air , every living being has a heart that pumps the red blood through our veins , what humans does to the world around them ,the smugness – the arrogance that these persons still force upon the masses and they enjoy watching them cry and the pain inflicked ,oh the joy those in this office feel when they know we feel the pain and the sadness we feel for our wild brothers and sisters and the dispair we feel for them because we can’t do anything to help them -to ease their pain . we have not quit brothers ,we are still fight for you and freedom ,as with you it is a very long road that we will travel for you our friends , i’m reposting this rt and westdeltagirl cause it should not be fotgotten and will not.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The BLM Blood Lust for the Wild American Horse

Remember the recent Calico round-up?

1.)     Incorrect Numbers

2.)    Warnings issued that horses would die

3.)    Notorious Helicopter Contractor in charge

4.)    Young horses run until their feet fell off

5.)    Healthy horses killed in the field

6.)    Gates closed so inappropriate gelding and sterilization experiments could be conducted

7.)    Animal cruelty charges filed

8.)    150 horses dead and still counting

9.)    No verification that any number of horses are left on the range

10.)   No accountability

Well warm up the BBQ pit and break out the beer because the ole BLM is about to fire off a rerun of the death and destruction and hundreds of native wild horses are now doomed.  Gotta love that BLM, they just issued a statement

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