Still Under the Whip: 11-Year-Old Calculating Jimmy, 12-Year-Old Missing Sefa

Horseracing Wrongs

It is well-established veterinary fact that horses are not fully mature till around six. Racing, because it would be economically prohibitive to wait (so it’s not going to change), typically begins pounding equine bodies at two – or the rough human equivalent of six. So, add child abuse to horseracing wrongs. But no one has ever accused Racing of age discrimination. At the other end of the spectrum are the middle-agers whose servitude seemingly knows no end:

11-year-old Calculating Jimmy has been on the circuit – these days, exclusively claiming – for almost 8 years now. In all, he has been put to the whip 77 times, and is slated for a 78th this Friday in Tampa. In a racing anomaly, just one person has been responsible for this creature since day one: trainer/owner/breeder Glenn Wismer.

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12-year-old Missing Sefa is two days past her 105th race. Yes, 105th…

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Wild Horses Leapt to Their Death—and Lived!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Just a reminder, as we read this personal account written in 2013, of what may be happening behind the scenes of BLM’s “bait-trapping” of wild horses, where the BLM contractors can still use a helicopter, but the BLM doesn’t let the public know when or where they are rounding up wild horses and burros, and without any public observation, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY for how many wild horses are actually rounded up or how they were handled. There is no transparency.  –  Debbie Coffey

“The guys from BLM were all cussing those horses and talking about the craziness of them.”

14CarolWalkerRoundup-62 (roundup photo by Carol Walker)


Wild Horses Leap to their Death – and Live!

By Johnny Rustywire

One spring a few years ago, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) set up a wild horse roundup in Eastern Utah. I was doing some title search work and found…

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MORE Managing For Extinction?

life is very scary now days .

Straight from the Horse's Heart

 Observation byGrandma Gregg

What the ‘ell strategy is BLM using now?  Their internet adoption in the past has been for ADOPTION of wild horses and burros with a minimum bid of $125 and a written promise that the adopter would not sell the wild horse or burro to slaughter for at least a year – but now it appears that they are auctioning off our wild horses online for $25!

We know that in the past, the BLM has sold older sale authority horses and burros for as little as $10 each – with free delivery if you bought a trailer load – and we also know that many of these have gone to disappeared into the BLM’s never seen again pipeline – but now they are auctioning them off online for as little as $25 to prospective kill-buyers?

Below are two examples of older mares captured last…

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Wild burros being removed from Route 160 in Pahrump Valley

Straight from the Horse's Heart

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