Humbolt HA BLM Removal Day 1

things could be done to stop this by our lazy reps . but no they are to busy telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. i am trying very hard to get the dept. of interior defunded. i don’t know if it will work ,they probably think of as a stalker or some thing.

Wild Horse Education

Day 1 Humbolt HA removal 2015 Day 1 Humbolt HA removal 2015

Day 1: Over 50 wild horses were driven from the Humbolt HA on the first day of a “zero out.” The weather turned cold at daytime high of 45 with windchill making it feel 39 according to accuweather. Fog delayed the start of the day and wind (gusts at 24 mph) shut down operations. This removal is expected to last 3-4 days and permanently remove about 200 wild horses. It is expected that a load will ship am to Burns Oregon.

Media was present and info on broadcast will be added when available.

(More in depth coverage with updated report tomorrow)

BLM “gather update” page:

BLM Winter Roundup schedule and site specific info:

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