ProSlaughter Group Releases More Rancher Propaganda Against Wild Horses

this is why we fight. this agency needs to be done away with and all those elite mother frackers sitting on their thrones following dirty harry’s orders —makes me so sick.

Wild Horse Education

Fish Creek Roundup  2015 Fish Creek Roundup 2015

As we enter into a fourth year of drought propaganda against wild horses and burros is increasing west wide. In Nevada it becomes particularly disturbing as more wild horses and burros live on federally managed land than all other states combined. Nevada is the last stronghold of “wild horse country.”

However perspective must remain ever present in our minds on the reality of the range wild horses and burros occupy. Over 66% of your public land is open to private profit operations for domestic livestock production. Only about 11% of your public land is open to wild horses and burros. Yet even in the 11% of rangeland wild herd can legally occupy livestock operations have historically been allotted about 80% of all available forage. The equations used to allocate forage for livestock are not based on any scientific evaluation of how livestock utilized a range. If…

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