what will we do when our earth is dust !!

         Hi Everybody ,

             i’m writing today about the sad state of the b.l.m. and their continued abuse of the land and the continued assault of the wild horses and wildlife that makes this country great. i am opposed to every way they have handled anything that falls across their desks . we know the b.l.m. has been being pushed by the cattlemen’s ass. to get rid of wild horses or anything that treatens  their for profit way of life . they get subsidized help for feed for these cattle that already live for almost free on public lands. at 1.35 for a cow and calf pair . many places in the western states are already dust bowls for the strip mining going on and gas exploration . already washington state has had many fires on the land which has taken houses and peoples livelyhoods  if the horses had been left alone that might not have happen.

          cattle have destroyed the range land natural plants and the wildlife on these ranges . we saw the range land that the bundy cattle had trampled into the ground from the pictures on the news . when you look at pictures of horses in their habitats the range does not look like that ground that bundy had? or does it…….now when people are getting greedy with water also . they are fencing the water off from the horses so they can’t get to water but the up side of that is there are people that make sure the horses get water and they fight hard. but what is needed now is more and more people to fight for these wonderful animals .

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